Pregnancy and Postpartum Mental Health of Lancaster County

PPMHLC raises awareness of maternal pregnancy and postpartum depression and anxiety, and offers support and hope to mothers experiencing these challenges.

Vision and Services

PPMHLC is a charity fund created in 2018 by the partnership of LOHF, Keystone State Doula Services (KSDS), and Move Forward Counseling.​

Vision of the PPMHLC Fund at LOHF

  1. To provide financial assistance to women experiencing a perinatal mood disorder to seek counseling services who otherwise would not beable to afford it.
  2. To provide postpartum doula support services to women experiencing aperinatal mood disorder who otherwise would not be able to afford it.
  3. To train medical providers (including, but not limited to, family doctors, pediatricians, mental health professionals, OB/GYNs, doulas, childbirth educators, nurses, midwives, lactation consultants, etc.) to screen and treat pregnant and postpartum women for mood disorders.

Events and Fundraising

Luminate Lancaster
This is an annual, summertime, celebratory walk/hike to raise awareness andfunds to achieve the vision of PPMHLC and provide the services above. Details will be posted here and on the public and private Facebook pages, and LOHF social media, as this year’s event is announced.

Donate Now
If you would like to support the PPMHLC Fund at LOHF, please make your gift through LOHF and include “PPMHLC” in the memo (check) or comments box (online payments). Donations may be mailed to LOHF at 128 E. Grant St., Suite 104, Lancaster, PA, 17602. Or you may use the donate button below to give online.

Current services

Moms Supporting Moms Group
This free online and in-person support group is facilitated by LOHF and Mental Health America, providing support for mothers experiencing postpartum depression/anxiety.

Online, the group supports one another in a closed Facebook page. If you would like support, please visit the page and request to join.

The group also meets in-person on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, 6:00–7:00 pm, at Hamilton Park United Church of Christ, 1210 Maple Ave., Lancaster, in the basement preschool room. Mothers are welcome to bring their children and snacks. This is a peanut-free location. DOWNLOAD FLYER

Mental Health Copay Assistance
We build awareness of the Mental Health Copay Assistance program so that mothers in financial can see licensed mental healthcare professionals for perinatal and postpartum depression/anxiety, and any other mental health need.

Training Professionals
We sponsor specific LOHF Continuing Medical Education trainings that equip healthcare professionals to screen and treat pregnant and postpartum women for mood disorders.

PPMHLC Facebook page
The public PPMHLC Facebook page raises awareness of maternal mental health and offers resources and encouragement.

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