Helping Professionals: How’s your self-care? Here’s something just for you.

Join us on Zoom on Mondays from 12:30—1:00 p.m. for Self-Care Checkup for Helping Professionals. You must register for each date individually to have the access link sent to you. (This is for security, so we don’t have surprise live attendees with ill intent.) The calls are recorded and sent to all registrants. So, if you can’t make it at that time, please register anyway to have the recording and related information sent to you. Each week we practice at least one self-care exercise together, and have an interactive discussion with a special guest. This is for any helping professional, whether you are on the frontlines of managing the COVID-19 pandemic or helping people in other ways, such as school nurse, educator, counselor, etc. Please share this with your colleagues who may wish to join us. REGISTER for each of our checkup calls individually. Here are the next Zoom call, and the recordings of the first three.

Our next live call

Monday, June 1, 12:30-1:00 pm

GUEST: Elizabeth O’Hara, LCSW, Move Forward Counseling

REGISTER for this free call to receive the Zoom link and the recording. Please share this link with your colleagues and other helping professionals. If you wish to attend additional calls, please register for each date.

Recordings of previous calls

Monday, May 18, 12:30-1:00 pm

GUEST: Troy Brindle, LCSW, Vice President and Director of Behavioral Health Integration at Springfield Psychological.

TOPIC: Acknowledging moral injury, compassion fatigue, Zoom fatigue; self-care exercise practiced



May 11 Recording:
SUBJECT: Self-care methods were practiced together, and we assessed our current levels of self-care.

GUEST: Nancy Miller, BSN, RN, ACC, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and Professional Self-Care Coach.



May 5 Recording:

SUBJECT: How are you grieving from effects of the pandemic?

GUEST: Melanie Snyder, Trauma-Informed Specialist, Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health.

  • Ask to subscribe to her texts of 3-minute self-care audio recordingsby e-mailing your cell phone number to



April 27 Recording:

SUBJECT: How are we managing our self-care right now? Ideas for staying grounded and connected. Why self-care is imperative.

GUEST: Adam Biuckians, MD; Medical Director and Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Community Services Group; LOHF Board Chair


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