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Based on a multitude of research, including our Youth Behavioral Health Study, we have learned that child and adolescent mental/behavioral health services exist, but that the system is fragmented. Families are overwhelmed and confused, and providers lack the tools to refer families for therapy, counseling, and treatment.


With this information as our foundation, we have built a grant-funding approach that invests in practical solutions that both make information on children’s mental health more accessible as well as improve access to services in Lancaster County.strategicplan_grantmaking

Grant Guidelines

Please select at least one outcome from the list above and describe how your program will achieve that outcome. We ask you to describe the resources and inputs, activities, and outputs that your program will accomplish to achieve the intended result.

We look to support programs that are evidence-based, proven to work with some best practice, and seek to take these programs to scale, expand what works, and encourage applicants to replicate existing models from outside Lancaster County and within. We encourage applicants to work collaboratively with partners to learn more about improving services for children and families to achieve mental wellbeing.

All applicants are strongly encouraged to contact LOHF staff to discuss the grant program before submitting an application. Please call us or send an email.

Children’s Behavioral Health Grant Program

LOHF targets support towards evidence-based programs that advance mental wellness of youth and children in Lancaster County. Our Community Grant Program is a specific program that represents 26% of our annual program budget ($100,000 total grant funding available annually). Tax exempt community benefit organizations serving Lancaster County are eligible to apply. Funded activities should focus on the following target populations:

Community Grant Impact Areas:

Care Coordination: Improve the delivery of children’s behavioral healthcare services.

  1. Increase access to mental/behavioral health services
  2. Seamless transition of services for young adults
  3. Coordinate resources to support families in navigating and accessing care

Parent/Caregiver Education: Enhance the capacity of parents, families, and caregivers through trainings and support.

  1. Increase competency in addressing children’s mental/behavioral needs
  2. Increase understanding and confidence in parents using strength-based techniques
  3. Decrease need for care coordination

Access to Providers: Improve capacity of providers to support and treat children.

  1. Reduce wait times for behavioral healthcare
  2. Increase number of children who have and utilize health insurance
  3. Encourage well-child visits and preventative care
  4. Expand number and frequency of behavioral/mental health screenings in primary care

How to Apply

Application Process

  1. Apply online for our Spring 2019 grant cycle.
  2. Applications due every spring and fall: March 1 and September 1.
  3. Suggested range of funding is $5,000-$25,000.
  4. Letters of support from community partners along with a list of any collaborative partners will be requested.

Request for Proposals
We will issue specific requests for proposals to solicit responses based on identified community needs.

Leveraging Funds
We seek opportunities to provide local match funds that leverage state and federal grant programs, and partnerships with other funding sources such as private foundations. Contact us to learn more about these opportunities.

We provide community event sponsorships, support for trainings and technical assistance.

  1. Application for Event Sponsorship
  2. Sponsorship Guidelines

Current Grantees

Grantees are required to sign a grant agreement before funds can be distributed. A six-month interim report and a one-year final report are also required. LOHF staff and volunteers plan to visit every grantee for a site visit at least once during the one year grant period.

LOHF partners and grantees: You can access our online grants management system anytime to sign agreements, submit reports, and track progress towards achieving your grant goals here:

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