Our Focus

We exist to provide a community benefit to Lancaster County from the proceeds of the sale of Community Hospital in 1999.

Our financial goal is to grow the principal of our endowment so that the community benefit can exist in perpetuity, so that when we accomplish our current goals, we can move on to tackling new community needs for the benefit of Lancaster County residents.  Each year, we budget to allocate as much as possible to our program funds. We operate on 5 percent of the assets from a 3-year rolling average of our endowment investments, plus the generous contributions of our donors.


LOHF improves public health and well-being in Lancaster County by focusing on two intersecting goals: strengthening the capacity of the health care professional community, and improving children’s behavioral health services.

Through our grants program and NavWell, we advance mental wellness of children and youth in Lancaster County by facilitating access, education and coordination of resources.

Both components of the mission pursue a common goal. LOHF supports activities that advance these individually, as well as those that address both, (e.g., the NavWell system that helps providers improve the delivery of children’s behavioral health services, and awarding grants to increase children’s access to trained healthcare providers).

Our goals

  1. Improve the provision of children’s behavioral health services through strategic grant making and advocacy.
  2. Enhance the capacity of healthcare professionals to improve the quality of care and health outcomes for children and families by supporting scholarships, trainings, and referral systems.

Our objectives

  1. Be a voice for underserved populations, especially children and families with behavioral health needs.
  2. Advance the capacity of all healthcare providers.
  3. Launch the NavWell system and seek partnerships to advance its utilization.


For over 17 years, the Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation (LOHF) has advanced public health and well-being for all children and youth, their parents and caregivers in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We partner with physicians and nurses, behavioral health providers, and a diverse community of experts. We improve children’s behavioral health services and enhance healthcare providers’ knowledge.

In 2014, LOHF commissioned a study of the specific mental and behavioral health needs of children and adolescents in our community. We analyzed the results and refined our work to help meet these needs. Our focus for grants is now shaped by what we have learned, and we have updated our funding strategies. And we launched NavWell: Pathways to Wellbeing  specifically to address our community’s need to improve children’s behavioral health by supporting primary care providers in screening, referring, and coordinating care with behavioral health services.

All of these activities were completed to learn about improving the health of our community and to share what we have learned. As a local resource for the healthcare community, educators, and families, we strive to help improve the children’s behavioral health system. We do this in partnership, collaborating, advocating, listening, and sharing results.

As we look ahead, we seek opportunities to further connect the two parts of our mission — children’s behavioral health and healthcare providers’ knowledge — so that all children and youth in Lancaster County experience mental well-being.