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Children's Behavioral Health Grants

We fund programs that elevate the mental well-being of youth and children (age birth to 26 years) in Lancaster County, Pa. We’re interested in improving access to behavioral healthcare for youth and children, and supporting targeted workforce development for providers in Lancaster County.

How It Works

What you need to know about what we fund, and how to apply.

What We Fund

We fund programs that elevate the mental well-being of youth and children in Lancaster County. We value caring, collaboration, a whole-person approach, advocacy, and visibility. We’re interested in supporting targeted workforce development for providers, and improving access to behavioral healthcare for youth and children (age birth to 26 years) in Lancaster County.


Tax-exempt community benefit organizations serving Lancaster County are eligible to apply. We award a total of $100,000 each year.


Outcomes and Impacts

Funded activities must focus on one or more of the following outcomes and impacts. We recommend that applicants view and download our logic model before applying.


Our grants provide delivery of children’s behavioral healthcare services, increased access to behavioral healthcare for youth and children, a seamless transition of behavioral healthcare services for youth into young adulthood (ages 14-26), and guidance for helps families navigate mental/behavioral health care and resources for their children. 


Application Process

Applications open twice a year (each spring and fall), and must be submitted online. Spring applications must be submitted by March 1. Fall applications must be submitted by September 1. 


The suggested range of grant request is $5,000-$25,000. Letters of support from community partners along with a list of any collaborative partners will be requested.


To learn more, please schedule a meeting with our Executive Director, Anna Kennedy. We encourage all applicants to discuss your project with us before submitting your application. There is no letter of intent required.


Agreement and Reporting

Organizations awarded grants are required to sign a grant agreement before funds can be distributed. A 6-month interim report, and 1-year final report will be required. LOHF staff and volunteers will visit each grantee for a site visit at least once during the 1- year grant period.


Apply Today!

Before getting started, we recommend downloading and reviewing our logic model.