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LOHF, we are tackling two Big Questions. Big Question 2 is, “How will we become more sharply focused on building the talent pipeline in behavioral health to elevate mental well-being of youth and children in Lancaster County?”

Children who experience adversity and trauma have an increased risk of developing heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and even some cancers. That’s why professionals in healthcare, social services, and education are re-evaluating the way we respond to childhood adversity. They are discovering that the consistent presence of at least one supportive adult in a child’s life […]

LOHF recently convened a discussion with our grantees regarding access to mental health services for youth during their transition to adulthood. LOHF would like to fund programs to expand services to these transition-age youth. The group discussed questions such as: How can we help teens with mental health needs as they age out of child […]

On Sept. 25, LOHF approved Children’s Behavioral Health Grants to five Lancaster County programs. “These five programs are reaching families and their children who have specific mental health needs, and for whom access to mental health care may be particularly challenging,” said LOHF Executive Director Anna Kennedy. “We’re on a mission to measurably elevate mental […]

The pain and suffering of untreated depression or anxiety may be the greatest impetus for someone to consider ending their life. If they complete suicide, loved ones are left with regret, guilt, and unspeakable grief. Children and teens are left traumatized, struggling to process their loss. Too often, teens are losing their peers to suicide. […]

What is seamless transition? Seamless transition is the continuity of physical and behavioral healthcare as a teen ages past eligibility for services for children. The process is not simple, however. A seamless transition requires years of preparation, and parents, youth, and healthcare providers must work together. Beginning in childhood, they should take a coordinated, purposeful, […]

Some of our donors and staff recently attended an exclusive, pre-opening tour of the new Lancaster Behavioral Health Hospital.  This innovative addition to our community will provide inpatient and outpatient behavioral health care for adolescents and adults. At LOHF, we are committed to improving children’s behavioral health and are hopeful that the inpatient adolescent behavioral […]

At LOHF (Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation) our mission is to improve children’s behavioral health in Lancaster County and equip healthcare providers toward this end. We cannot remain silent any longer on the current national policy of separating children from their asylum-seeking families at the southern U.S. border. We are physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, mental health providers, […]

  By Maddison Toney, Intern   Last month at NAMI’s Ohio conference, actor Wil Wheaton (of Big Bang Theory, Star Trek, and Wonder Years fame), shared his experience with mental illness. His struggle with depression and anxiety began in childhood. This was complicated by parents and other adults not understanding his need for help. Like […]

  At LOHF, we’re connecting our grant partners to understand where they see the need for trauma-informed care in our community, and how we can collectively fill the gap for children. Our first step was to host a grant partner cohort earlier this month. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) & Trauma-Informed Care Mental healthcare providers are […]



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