Author: Jeannette Scott

Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention and Resources in Lancaster County

Suicide affects millions of people in the United States every year. There were 1.4 million recorded suicide attempts in 2018 alone, many the result of untreated depression. Suicide also causes emotional devastation and triggers depression for the loved ones left behind who may be crushed by regret, guilt, and unspeakable grief. Learn more about how to seek help for friends and loved ones here.

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COVID mental health resources
Mental Health

Don’t Fight Depression Alone. Get Copay Assistance, Medication Assistance, or Join a Free Support Group.

In response to accelerated need for mental healthcare, Lancaster Cares issued a grant to LOHF to broaden eligibility for its free Mental Health Copay Assistance program. The program expanded beyond the previous restrictions of ages 0-25 and those with dependent children to include any county resident whose income is impacted by COVID-19. LOHF has also collaborated with Mental Health America of Lancaster County (MHA) to include LOHF’s copay program in MHA’s bundle of free mental health services.

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