Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation (LOHF)

LOHF is a health-focused resource center created to strengthen the mental well-being of children and youth in Lancaster County. We are keenly aware that caregivers trying to support children encountering mental and behavioral health challenges often feel alone. It’s the nature of working in tough scenarios with minors that leaves medical professionals, educators and parents feeling like they’re working in a silo. The more someone feels alone, the more overwhelming and confusing it can be to provide adequate care.

We actively work to break down these barriers by preparing all care providers with the access to critical financial and educational resources through grants, scholarships, loan repayments and information and trainings. Through these initiatives, our goal is to streamline connections between caregivers, existing structures, and available resources so the community has consistent and confident options for supporting the children who call Lancaster County home. We target the areas that have the biggest impacts on the health and well-being of our local community, and pulling from our osteopathic roots, support a compassionate, holistic approach to healthcare.

Learn more about the result of these efforts in the Lancaster community.